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About Us

Sunshine Coast Alternative School

The Sunshine Coast Alternative School consists of a number of self-contained programs located at different sites along the coast. ~There are four programs which provide an small individualized environment for high school students (Horizons, Flex, Mangrove, and Oasis), These programs offer a self-paced, independent learning environment using both computer and paper-based programs for students in grades eight to twelve. Within each program are creative opportunities to advance personal growth and self-exploration through community fine arts program, a community fitness program and career preparation seminars. The programs allow students the opportunity for flexible scheduling to meet the students individual educational, emotional and/or behavioral needs.

NDVR North, in Sechelt, is a program, which offers a small, nurturing learning environment for students in grades 5 to 7 with ample opportunity for one-on-one learning and interaction. Blending specific Ministry learning objectives with life skills, emotion management, physical exercise, and outdoor education, these programs offers students a variety of ways to experience success both inside and out of the classroom.


SPIDER - Project SPIDER / SPIDER 10 - 12

Project SPIDER is a program for students in grades 7 to 9 that offers o flexible range of core courses and hands-on learning opportunities to middle year adolescents. It fosters a supportive community of learners. Gatherings on Thursdays and Fridays allow students to explore ideas together and to supplement their home and community based learning with a combination of teacher, local expert and peer led sessions.

Project SPIDER offers:
• Online Math course support
• Hands-on Science classes plus academic workshops
• Studio Art class
• Humanities classes
• Group elective classes
• Access to teacher support outside classroom hours

SPIDER 10 – 12 offers online grade 10-12 courses which lead to graduation. We cater to homeschooled students, students from the local high schools taking courses at their own pace (faster or slower), adults who are completing a high school diploma and adults who are upgrading.

Our courses are offered in a blended format. This means that all of the course content is online but students also have the opportunity to meet one on one with their teachers. Our courses are developed through the BC Learning Network which supplies courses to 50 districts in the province and to BC-curriculum international schools across the globe. Our teachers are all BC certified subject specialists who have years of experience teaching both in the classroom and in online learning centres.

Online courses, registration and more information:

We are Found at the Community Learning Centre 5545 Inlet Avenue in Sechelt

Continuing Education

Tuition-free courses are available for adults who want to earn a high school diploma or upgrade their academic qualifications for a post-secondary program. We offer self-paced online courses taught by subject specialist teachers. You can start a new course any time and access your lessons anywhere, but we also have a drop-in adult classroom in Sechelt where you can get one on one help from a teacher.
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